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January 31, 2016
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Trial Verdict against Tower Hill Prime Insurance

For the past four years, our clients have had to battle with their insurance carrier, Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company, to reverse an improper initial claim denial decision and obtain insurance benefits which they believed they were entitled to under their policy. Time and time again, Tower Hill refuses to provide proper claims decisions and claims assistance. Attorney David Murray and Howard Weber were able to obtain justice for our clients at trial in August in Polk County.

In the end, the jury saw through the improper denial and claim positions of Tower Hill. Despite Tower Hill and their high price expert’s efforts, the jury found Tower Hill breached the insurance contract in multiple ways. Notable, the jury awarded the full amount of the policy limits to the Insureds, $216,000.

Since the Insureds were the prevailing party at trial, Florida Statues provides a basis for reimbursement of not only attorney’s fees and costs associated with legal representation, but also pre-judgment interest. The Court has recently entered an award for the Insureds attorney fees and cost pursuant to Florida Statues.