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August 29, 2019
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Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is predicted to make landfall in Florida on Monday as a Category 4 hurricane. Preparing for the storm and the subsequent insurance claim process is a reality facing many Floridians in Dorian’s path. Preparing for the difficulties in the claims process can be the difference between making a full or partial recovery from your insurance company. The following guidelines will help you in the claims process.

  • Review your insurance policy for coverage limits and the windstorm deductible.
  • Keep a copy of your policy with you or download it from your insurance company’s website.
  • Before the storm, take pictures of the inside and outside of your property, and of all your personal property. The more pictures, the better.
  • After the storm (before any cleanup or emergency repairs), take detailed pictures of the outside and inside of the property, and any damages to your personal property.
  • Report the damages to your insurance company, even if you think your damages may fall below the deductible.
  • Check your roof (and attic if accessible) as well as other areas of your home for water intrusion.
  • Protect your property from additional damages by tarping the roof (if necessary) and moving items to prevent further damages.
  • Do not throw any damaged items away. Put them aside for your insurance company to inspect.
  • Make a list and save all receipts to document your repair costs and your additional living expenses.
  • Keep an activity log (with dates) with who you met or communicated with on your insurance claim, as well as what they said.
  • Obtain repair estimates for the damages to your property, and provide copies to the insurance company.
  • Provide your insurance company a list of all damaged personal property, including a description of the item, its age and the replacement cost of the damaged items.
  • Keep your communications with the insurance company and adjusters in writing via email, the company portal or fax.
  • Your insurance company must respond to your communications within 14 days.
  • Your insurance company has 90 days to pay or deny your claim from the date your claim is reported.

If you have questions about the insurance claim process, questions about the terms of your insurance policy or questions about whether you are being treated fairly and paid fully, speak to an experienced property insurance claims attorney at Murray + Murray today. There is no charge and no obligation.