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June 8, 2020
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Murray + Murray Recognized As Super Lawyers®

Murray + Murray takes immense pride in sharing that they have once more received acknowledgment in 2020 as Super Lawyers® within the realm of insurance coverage. David Murray's consistent recognition by Super Lawyers® dates back to 2017, marked by his designation as a "Rising Star" in 2009, and subsequently in 2012 and 2015.

Super Lawyers Selected Using Rigorous Process

Super Lawyers® operates as a legal professional assessment service under the ownership of Thomson Reuters, the parent company of Westlaw, an online legal research platform. Employing a patented methodology, the organization meticulously identifies exceptional attorneys within each state to be featured in the annual compilation of Super Lawyers®. This exclusive roster is showcased in both regional and state editions of Super Lawyers® Magazines.

Each year, a mere fraction of practicing lawyers in each state attains a coveted spot on this list. The rigorous selection protocol undertaken by Super Lawyers® entails a comprehensive four-step process that commences with nominations.


Within each state, legal practitioners are extended an invitation to put forth the names of fellow lawyers whom they deem to embody the requisites for inclusion in the list. The nominations mechanism integrates various safeguards to forestall any manipulation of the process. Notably, lawyers are precluded from proposing themselves, and the tracking of nominations includes information about the nominators and nominees. Moreover, in-firm nominations must be complemented by at least one endorsement from an external attorney. A numerical value is ascribed to each nomination, with higher numerical values assigned to recommendations originating from lawyers not affiliated with the same firm.

Furthermore, the organization retains the prerogative to incorporate lawyers with distinguished reputations, a recognition often gleaned during their investigative phase. While external parties also possess the capacity to nominate lawyers for consideration, such nominations do not contribute to the accumulation of points.

Independent Research

Every potential candidate undergoes a comprehensive assessment conducted by the research division. This department meticulously evaluates 12 key markers of accomplishment and acclaim. The scrutiny encompasses factors such as experience, legal outcomes, settlements, distinctions, accolades, specialized certifications, and vocational involvement. Throughout this investigative stage, certain indicators are assigned greater maximum point values relative to others.

Peer Evaluation

During the third phase, a panel composed of candidates who garnered the highest point values in both the initial and subsequent steps is tasked with appraising lawyers within their respective fields of practice. These panel members provide a rating for the attorneys on a numerical scale ranging from one to five.

Final Selection

The candidates are categorized into four distinct groups based on the size of their law firms. An extensive evaluation ensues, wherein attorneys are juxtaposed and chosen in light of the amassed research, indicators, and peer evaluations. Prior to a lawyer's inclusion in the publicly disclosed roster, their current status is validated by the state's licensing authority. Additionally, a conclusive online search is conducted to ensure the absence of any elements that might cast a negative light on the lawyer.

Super Lawyers® underscores that its selection methodology has garnered recognition from judicial courts and legal associations throughout the nation, attesting to its selection process's integrity. In 2008, the New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the conclusions of a Special Master who meticulously scrutinized the selection process. The Special Master's assessment hailed the selection process as "sophisticated, comprehensive and complex."

Super Lawyers® Murray + Murray Create Positive Outcomes

The legal professionals at Murray + Murray boast extensive expertise, earning recognition from Super Lawyers® and other esteemed institutions for their mastery in navigating property damage claims. If you sense that your claim is not receiving the attention it deserves, reach out to a Murray + Murray attorney today at 1-855-269-4317. We stand prepared to provide our assistance.