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December 9, 2022
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Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims


Ian’s Impact

Hurricane Ian devastated several Florida communities. The storm landed in the southwest as a category four hurricane, and though it died down in severity before striking Tampa Bay, locals still felt the impact. Educate yourself on what to expect if your home faces damage and you need to file a claim.

Scheduling Repairs

Before you enter any contract for your repairs, prepare yourself to confirm any managed repair policy provisions or optional preferred vendors. Document any photos before your repairs begin to prevent further damage. To avoid surprise charges, you should also read any contracts to see if any out-of-pocket payments are necessary for your repairs.

Working with Contractors

When finding a contractor, ensure they are licensed to do business in Florida and don’t have any complaints filed against them by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Additionally, ask for references to ensure you’ll be getting the quality work you deserve. Ask your contractors to provide proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance before signing the contract.


Immediate Action

The first step you should take before taking action to fix your home should always be to file a claim with your insurer. Take photos before and after you make any temporary emergency repairs to damage. Provide a list of damaged items along with the images, and only discard damaged items that could be a health risk. Your insurer will have an adjuster inspect your property. If they don’t come within a week, contact your insurer.

Within Two Weeks

Your insurance company should acknowledge your claim and send you a Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights Notice (HCBR) within two weeks of filing your claim. The adjuster will thoroughly inspect your property, complete an itemized estimate, and provide it to you.

Within 2 to 12 Weeks

Experts determine the exact cause of loss, the scope of the damage, or the actual cost to repair or replace and will submit a report to the adjuster within this time frame.

By Day 90

You’ll receive a final determination 90 days after filing your claim. You’ll also receive a notice of your right to request Residential Property Mediation through the Department of Financial Services if you don’t reach an agreement. You should receive a written denial or payment for the undisputed claim amount within this time frame. If you disagree with the final determination, you should get estimates from a contractor of your choice to submit to the adjuster.


Unhappy With Your Claim?

Murray and Murray are insurance claim attorneys that have your back. We’re happy to work with your insurance agents and contractors so that you receive appropriate coverage, and we’ll make sure the insurance company keeps its promise to you.