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September 21, 2023
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Florida Homeowners Forced to Look for Alternatives After Farmers Insurance to Leave State


Farmers Insurance Withdrawal Shakes Florida Homeowners

Recent news saw Florida's homeowners taken aback as Farmers Insurance announced its withdrawal from the state's property insurance market. The move is set to impact thousands of homeowners, resulting in mounting insurance costs and forcing them to seek alternative providers. One of our own attorneys, David Murray, provided insightful commentary on the unfolding situation.

Murray, a seasoned Florida property insurance claim attorney, commented on the recurrent issue affecting Florida's insurance landscape. "It's not a good sign for the market," Murray pointed out. He criticized the state's legislature for undermining policyholder rights without reciprocation from insurance companies – a situation made even more glaring with a giant insurer pulling out.

Murray Law Group: Your Trusted Advocates

This isn't the first time that such a predicament has shaken up the Florida market. Despite legislative measures passed last year to ensure market stability, insurance companies seem to continue their retreat. Murray Law Group understands these insurance disputes' intricacies and stands by the Floridian homeowner.

Our firm’s expertise in the insurance field, coupled with a commitment to safeguard policyholder rights, underpins our approach to representing policyholders in your insurance claim disputes. Whether it is a denial, delay, or underpaying of your claim, Murray Law Group ensures that your concerns are prioritized and handled appropriately.

Prepare for Florida's Insurance Transition

As Florida braces itself for this major transition in the insurance realm set to start in October, Murray Law Group remains a trusted advocate navigating insurance disputes for policyholders. With experts like David Murray on your side, you can trust that Murray Law Group will tackle whatever challenges that shake the Florida insurance market head-on. If you or someone you know have fallen victim to denied, delayed or underpaid insurance claims, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our attorney’s for a free consultation and claim review.