The Florida insurance claim attorneys at Murray Law Group assist you with the storm damage insurance claims process. From preparing forms to documenting damage to finalizing the claim settlement, our legal team is here to provide support, guidance and legal advice.


When a storm, such as a hurricane or tropical storm, causes damages and financial losses, insurance companies are expected to fulfill their promise and compensate their policyholders promptly. By undervaluing, underpaying and delaying claims, insurance providers increase the level of stress experienced by property owners when their homes or businesses sustain storm damage.

The Florida insurance claim attorneys at Murray +Murray help you with the storm damage claim process from the first contact with the insurance company through the final payment. We can help you review your policy to locate coverage, coordinate inspections by experts and assist in the submission of the claim. If litigation is necessary following the completion of the claim process, we promptly initiate a lawsuit or appraisal to enforce your contract rights in the courts.

The following conduct by an insurance company justifies our involvement:

  • Claim denial.
  • Claim delay.
  • False statements to the insured.
  • Withholding payments.
  • “Low-ball” offers, estimates and payments.
  • Advising against the hiring of third parties, such as public adjusters or attorneys.
  • Requests for a release as a condition of the settlement of a claim.
  • Coding checks as “full” or “final” payment.

If you believe that your insurance company is underpaying your storm damage claim or otherwise acting in an inappropriate manner, contact our Florida insurance lawyers so we can discuss your legal rights.


First, locate your insurance policy. If you do not have a copy of your insurance policy, request a copy from your insurance agent. At the very least, ask your agent for the company name, phone number and policy number.

Report the damage or loss of property to your insurance agent and the responsible insurance companies as soon as possible. Tell the insurance company what happened and describe the damage. Take pictures to document your claim. Making a video of the damage is another way to document the damage caused by the storm.

In the meantime, make sure that you take the necessary precautions to prevent further damage. Keep detailed records of any temporary repairs and efforts to prevent further damage, as well as proof of payment for the repairs or supplies.


Sometimes an insurance policy requires that you provide a sworn statement as Proof of Loss. A Proof of Loss is the formal submission to the insurance company of the policy holder’s claimed amount, which validates the claim. Many insurance policies require submission of the Proof of Loss form within 60 days of loss. Under other insurance policies, you must only provide a Proof of Loss when requested to do so.

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