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The loss occurred at the owners' vacation property near Disney World, Florida. A failure in the sprinkler system valve located on the third floor resulted in water traveling from the top floor down to the first. The damage was discovered roughly 10 days after the initial leak during routine inspections of the property. The unit suffered significant water and mold-related issues while the unit was unoccupied


Upon discovering the water damage, the owners filed a claim with their property insurance company and simultaneously retained a water restoration company to mitigate damages and dry out the home.

Due to the severity and complexities of the claim, the owners retained a public insurance adjuster to aid in the evaluation and presentation of their claim. After the insurer’s initial inspection of the property, it issued a minimal payment of $43,412. In response, the owners’ public adjuster submitted a detailed claims package asserting that the damages far exceeded the amount paid. When the claim was left unresolved, the owners sought out Murray Law Group for a claim review and legal representation.

$ 43,412
Initial Payment - Underpaid

Minimal Payment Issued


  • A similar water loss incident occurred at the same property approximately three years prior.
  • The insurance company alleged some damages were unrepaired damages from the previous loss.
  • Policy language excluded damages for wear & tear, defects, and workmanship.
  • Policy restrictions that include coverage limitations for water and mold-related damages.
  • The extensive amount of mold and water damage amplified the complexities of the claim.


  • Murray Law Group brought in experts: an engineer and a construction consultant.
  • Conducted thorough reexamination and testing of the property to identify the damages accurately.
  • Developed and submitted a new, comprehensive claim package with revised payment demand.
  • Engaged in mediations and informal settlement conferences prior to suit seeking resolution.
  • A lawsuit was filed, and administrative complaints were lodged with the Florida Department of Financial Services (FDFS).

Initial Payment

Final Payments Totaled

Positive Outcome Delivered

The claim was settled in mediation during litigation.  The settlement resulted in final payments totaling over $235,790.  This recovery amount allowed the owners to be fully indemnified for all repair and mitigation costs, even after paying their public adjuster’s fees, attorney’s fees, and costs.

$ 235,790
  543% Increase


Murray Law Group specializes in handling claims ranging from water losses, fire damages, hurricane claims, hailstorms, tornados, pipe breaks, theft, vandalism, and any other event causing property damage. We have the responsibility to ensure your insurance company fulfills the promises made under your policy of insurance.

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