When you are facing an insurance claim for damages that occurred to your property, you also face a number of emotionally and financially stressful issues. These are compounded if your claim is denied or if your insurance company refuses to pay what you may be entitled to.

For help during this stressful time, read the answers to some frequently asked questions below or contact our experienced insurance law attorneys at Murray Law Group for a free personalized consultation.

I have a dispute with my insurance company. Can I file a claim?

Even if you’ve just taken out a new policy and have yet to make a payment, you as the insured party or a beneficiary of the policy should be able to file a claim for bad faith practices, depending on the terms of your insurance. A careful review of your insurance by an experienced Florida insurance claim attorney from Murray Law Group can help answer any specific questions that you may have.

How do I know if my insurance company acted in bad faith?

Every policyholder has rights and when these rights have been violated by big insurance companies, you may have recourse to sue. This includes when the insurance company takes a long time to respond to your claim, when they deny your claim for invalid reasons, when you are underpaid for a valid claim, and when they have misrepresented themselves or their policy.

What do I need to have to prove my insurance company acted in bad faith?

If you have a valid insurance policy, you must prove that you followed its terms and that your insurance company breached them. Documenting the damage, including taking pictures and keeping receipts for repairs, can help strengthen your case.

Can I recover money when my insurance company acts in bad faith?

The short answer is yes. You may be able to recover benefits you were owed, compensation for the company’s negligence and wrongdoing, and punitive damages aimed to punish insurance companies for their actions and prevent similar situations from happening in the future. At Murray Law Group, we have successfully recovered over $127 million for over 875 clients in Florida.